Here at the City, we’re custodians of a fascinating collection of historical items which are significant to our municipal history – dating as far back as 1842. Many of these items, including memorial portraits of former mayors, are indelibly linked to the people who have shaped our civic past.

Over the years, we have also acquired a fascinating collection of works by Sydney artists which document the natural, cultural and social life of the city. The collection is constantly developing and depicts the historical and contemporary context of our ever-changing landscape.

Also prominent are the suites of heritage furniture – from elegant Edwardian salon, to pieces the Aesthetic Movement. These proudly enhance the architectural splendour of the historic interior of Sydney Town Hall.

Finally, the Civic Collection includes commemorative items and official gifts presented to the people of Sydney (including gifts from our sister cities). These mark past events, such as the 1879 Sydney International Exhibition, Royal Visits and the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and from this year, will include works commissioned for Art and About New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year.