The City provides a range of public talks that aim to inspire, challenge and stimulate creative thinking in Sydney. These free public forums promote thought leadership and provide an opportunity for compelling dialogue, debate and lively discussion.

City Talks: Global experts inspire and inform

City Talks aim to inspire, educate and engage key decision makers and the community about significant global, national and city issues. Major international thought leaders and industry experts challenge our way of thinking and present ideas from prominent global cities. The keynote address is followed by a panel discussion on the topic’s influence at a local level.

City Conversations: The big issues affecting our city

City Conversations explore the major issues affecting local residents and our society. The focus is to enhance dialogue and debate, as well as provide accessible and relevant information about City initiatives. This stimulating program reflects the goals of our Sydney 2030 plan, presenting ideas in a variety of formats and venues.

Design Excellence: Celebrating innovative and creative design

Design Excellence brings professionals, leading international and local experts together to discuss and showcase design, built form and urban planning in Sydney Topics aim to inspire bold thinking and vision, covering local and international legacy projects, and the challenges facing design excellence in Sydney.