Major venues

The City owns a number of architecturally and historically significant spaces, which are ideal for hosting cultural events. Sydney Town Hall, Paddington Town Hall, and the Barnet Long Room at Customs House can be used for anything from large-scale events, galas dinners, exhibitions, concerts, fundraisers and community gatherings.

Community venues

We have a great variety of community venues to host your creative projects. You will find rooms, halls and auditoriums (or even parks) which could be used as rehearsal spaces – or even venues for short-term performances or other gatherings. These spaces are unstaffed, so you are free to run your own show. There are rooms and venues of different sizes all across town. To-date, our venues have been used by Sydney Festival, as well as various theatre companies – such as Darlinghurst Theatre,  Milk Crate Theatre and Griffin Theatre and dance groups, including Ausdance NSW and Dirtyfeet.

Outdoor spaces and parks

The city is filled with parks, boulevards and open spaces, all of which make great hosts for cultural events. We have more than 400 iconic and smaller, pocket parks (think Hyde Park, Pirrama Park, Victoria Park), and other magnificent open and street spaces  like Martin Place, Taylor and Cathedral Squares and Angel Place.

Every year, we facilitate over 1,000 outdoor events from the Sydney Festival to the Night Noodle Markets, the Half Marathon and exhibitions like Head On Photographic Festival and Reportage.

Reduced rates

The City’s Reduced Rate Program provides assistance to cultural organisations that contribute to the local community.

How to hire

To make a booking at one of our major venues, you will need to fill out a booking form and contact Venue Management on 02 9265 9189 or .

To check out the available options and to select a community venue which best suits you, click here.

Before submitting an event application for an outdoor space, contact us to discuss your idea, get our thoughts on the best possible venue and confirm availability. You will then need to fill out an application form. Contact our Events and Filming Liaison team on or 9265 9333 or head here for more information.

Customs House

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Sydney Town Hall

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Paddington Town Hall

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City Recital Hall

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Martin Place

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Paddington Reservoir Gardens

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