Sydney was born to be a star. Its natural beauty, climate, famous landmarks and well-developed infrastructure and facilities make it a popular location for film and television productions. Sydney has been used as a backdrop for major Australian productions like A Few Best Men and Candy – as well as international blockbusters including The Great Gatsby, The Matrix and Superman Returns.

How we can help

Local and domestic productions that showcase the area not only provide economic benefits for the city, but help to promote Australian culture and ideas. We issue film and television producers with permits and can help you make arrangements for parking, road closures, traffic control, and community liaison. To apply to film in the City, you will find everything you will need at our filming permits page.

Scouting locations

If you’re looking for a filming location and need a starting point – some information on our 10 villages might help. You can also contact the Film Liaison Officer on 02 9265 9653 or .