Since the inception of our rehearsal space program, a bunch of venues across our local area have been getting a workout. Designed to ensure we make use of available space and support young musicians and performers, the program allows students and school groups to use our community centres and town halls in the city and inner west for free.

Here’s what local film and theatre makers SLAP had to say about their time at Redfern Town Hall:

What’s SLAP?

We are an arts company that doesn’t have one specific specialty, but we work over film and live theatre and are spreading into as many forms as we can. Our recent short films are Cupcake and You Know I Miss You.

How did you hear about the City’s rehearsal space program?

We found the program while searching for a rehearsal space for our production of Punk Rock, after being restricted by our university facilities. We sent an application off immediately.

What kind of space did you need?

The type of space we were looking for was one that could match the size and layout of a performance space we would be using during a show. This helps us rehearse and make the action and set work.

Have you had issues with finding suitable space in the past? Why?

We were restricted by our university facilities, but also found it difficult to find a space to which we could have ongoing access. We also needed something that is easy to get to and has a community feel, rather than the coldness that comes with most rehearsal spaces in Sydney.

What has this space meant for your work?

It meant that we could rehearse regularly for longer periods of time and put money into other parts of the production like the set, props and costume. It also helped create a family or community-type bond between us

Did you have any other comments about the program?

The program is very helpful to students, mainly because it takes away the cost of booking a rehearsal space anywhere in Sydney for a prolonged time. It was also great having the staff be so helpful, they were brilliant in helping with cancellations and anything else. For most people, these types of dealings could be a first, so it makes a difference.

Find out more about our free student rehearsal space program.

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