It’s now easier for street artists to exhibit their work. Artists no longer need to get council approval to paint a wall, provided they’re not using a heritage building, are not in a heritage conservation or ‘special character’ area, and have consent from the owner of the building.

Jason Wing, the artist behind Chinatown’s ethereal In Between Two Worlds, says:

This change will help create a more vibrant city with high-quality street art. It will also give more artists a platform to develop their work and careers. Everybody wins.

We will also be compiling a register of street art around the city. Owners of buildings can ask for the art on their walls to be included to ensure it isn’t removed as graffiti.

The City of Sydney has worked with many street artists over the years to create largescale street art. Here are just 4. See if you can spot them all.

1. In Between Two Worlds by Jason Wing

Also, hear Jason Wing talk about the meaning behind his Chinatown artwork, his background and how his mixed heritage has influenced his work.

2. Here, Now by Numskull

3. To be free is to have no fear by Nadia Hernandez

4. WE ARE HERE by byrd, Dylan Demarchi, Gui Andrade, Sarah Howell, The dirt

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