In case you missed the news, Green Square’s industrial landscape is undergoing a major makeover. We’re working on a $440 million project to redevelop the area over the next 10 years, which will include a beautiful library, plaza, aquatic centre, community facilities and a brand new park called the Drying Green.

The Drying Green Park will have plenty of space to sit down and relax – but we’re most looking forward to a new water-inspired public artwork, which is currently being developed specifically for the site as part of the City’s public art program, City Art.

We’re delighted to announce that this work will be created by artist Kerrie Poliness in conjunction with landscape architects McGregor Coxall, with the guidance of Curatorial Advisor for Public Art in Green Square, Amanda Sharrad. Poliness has extensive experience in creating site specific, often symmetrical works in Victoria, recently including Wave Drawings for the Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne, and a field drawing The Agora at La Trobe University.

The artwork for the Drying Green is designed to integrate with the natural growth of the park. Poliness, together with the landscape architects, hopes to define a pathway through the park with her geometric, yet organic work. Poliness explains:

We will reference the origins and evolution of many of our national roads and highways, so often begun by the staggered (hopped) trails chosen by kangaroos, then tracked by hunters, and eventually established through convenience and subsequent traffic of many kinds.

To find out more and stay updated on the development, head to the Green Square section of the City of Sydney website, or

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