The wide-ranging public program put together by Head On Photo Festival this year really attests photography as the democratic art form of our time. As well as a major photo prize, the organisers have planned workshops for snappers of all levels and interests, from celebrity to reportage. So, whether you’re a budding Bill Cunningham or well established in your career, Head On offers some valuable insights:

Scope the street

Find out how to capture the everyday with Ben Lowy, Nick Hannes and Natan Dvir. Lowy is an expert in photographing war zones and was one of the first to swap his camera for a phone. Hannes is an award-winning documentary photographer teaching at The School of Arts in Ghent (KASK Conservatorium) and Dvir is a New York-based photojournalist.

Strike a pose

Think you’ve got what it takes to create the next Vanity Fair spread? Hone your portraiture skills with Michael Grecco, who has photographed some of the biggest names in entertainment from Martin Scorsese to Kanye West. Learn how to translate your idea into an image that works, with staging and lighting.

Find your visual voice

In this intensive two-day masterclass with award-winning photojournalist, Ron Haviv, you’ll find out how to establish your own style and create visual stories, regardless of the tools you have at hand. Haviv is an Emmy nominated professional and a founding member of VII photo agency. He has been committed to capturing humanitarian crises around the world since the late 1980s.

Know your industry

Head On has assembled some of the world’s leading photographers in one room, to give you advice on your portfolio. Don’t miss this rare chance to get in front of your camera heroes, who will provide feedback on your portfolio and offer advice on how to break into different parts of the industry.

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Paul Philpott, Head On Photography Festival Winner 2015
Laki Sideris, Head On Photography Festival Winner 2015
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