Well, we’re right in the thick of one of the biggest city-wide art events of the year. You’ve loitered around some of our best galleries, glass of white wine in hand and heard some talented people discuss their work, the process of collecting and role of  art criticism – but the party’s not over yet. Here are our top three for the last five days of Art Month:

1. On tour

Exploring the city on two wheels is a pastime so pleasurable and easily attained, it should be illegal. Back by popular demand, Art Cycle and Art Month take you on a SafARI to a different neighbourhood each week to visit the local galleries and hear artists talk at each stop. This one you’ll start at DNA Projects in Chippendale.

And while you’re in the touring mood, you can also take yourself on a trip around our public art collection – we’ve just launched a new Sydney Culture Walks app to help you explore the city on foot.

22 March
11am – 4pm
DNA Projects

2. On screen

Local video artist Heath Franco shows us how cat memes can be almost as intimidating as Tarantino’s Jules reciting Ezekiel 25:17. Screen Dreams 2 at Golden Age Cinema presents Pulp Fiction and Franco, known for his twisted visions of Aussie suburbia, discusses how the cult film has influenced his work.

23 March
6pm – 9pm
Golden Age Cinema

3. On show

The idiosyncratic figure of the Australian larrikin, a witty dissident with a proudly egalitarian spirit, is discussed by eight great local artists. Does the larrikin still represent resistance in our society – or would Bob Hawke (arguably one of our most formidable larrikins) not do so well in 2014?

The group show LARRIKINS presents work from Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, Alex Kiers, Tom Mason, Alex Pye, Myles Prangnell, Beth Dillon, Applespiel and Fieldings and is curated by Kate Britton.

19 March – 30 March
6pm –8pm
107 Projects

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