We’re looking for artists to create unlikely pauses in the underused spaces of the inner city. As part of our City Centre Public Art Plan, which will enhance the changing landscape of Sydney once the light rail is completed, we are looking for artists to submit their proposals for public art ideas in our laneways.

We want to work with those who are able to use their city as a laboratory, to create interesting and conscientious projects with staying power. Barbara Flynn, who is the curator of the City Centre Public Art Plan, has compiled references from literature, philosophy and sociology to inspire artists’ thinking about this project.

Originality creates intriguing and atmospheric moments and has the potential to change how people move through space. Although Sydney can’t boast tourist-drawing street art in our laneways like Melbourne does, Jason Wing’s frosty illumination, In Between Two Worlds in Chinatown, or Forgotten Songs curated by Steffen Lehmann between George and Pitt Streets, have shifted barren walkways into places people want to visit.

The centre of the city, although lively during the nine to five week, quietens as workers disappear into pubs and restaurants or go home. Through the Laneways Project, the City aims to make room for life to gather and blossom on the streets.

Find out more about the project and how you can submit a proposal.

Council Place
Council Place
Market Row Laneway
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