If you are working on a cultural project with a public audience, listen-up as applications for our annual Cultural Grants Program are now open.

We are offering funding over $5,000 for not-for-profits and individuals working across a range of cultural activities – performing and visual arts, crafts, literature, film, digital arts, design, architecture, history, food and wine – as well as festivals, shows or public debates.

Just this year, cultural grants have helped set up a giant Chinese market garden, a culinary/theatrical production and a multilingual poetry slam. The fields are broad, the topics are many and we are looking for unique ideas that will excite people in Sydney.

If you’re thinking of applying, the following tips from our grants department might help:

  • Understand the grant program you are seeking support from – especially the program eligibility and guidelines
  • Ensure you communicate your intended project clearly – be specific about what you expect to achieve and how you will measure the success of your project
  • Gather as much resources and support as you can for your project
  • Demonstrate this in the partnership and community engagement sections of the application and show this in your budget
  • When drawing up your budget, value your in-kind time and cash contribution.

Applications close at 2pm on Monday 7 April.

Head here to submit your application (there’s also a handy guide to tackling the online application). Don’t forget to read the guidelines to see if your project is eligible. There are also a couple of other useful downloads available on the City of Sydney site.

Feel free to give the Grants team a call on 9265 9333 or email to have a chat about your idea – we’re always happy to provide advice.

Published: 18 Mar, 2014 | 0 Comments

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