We want to better acquaint you with the City of Sydney team working to improve Sydney’s cultural life.

The City of Sydney directly contributes to the cultural offer of the City through its own programs, events and activities and indirectly by providing grants funding and enabling activity by the community and cultural sector.


The City sets the strategy and has outlined the vision for improving the cultural life of our city including the transformation of the City Centre and George Street through large-scale design and public art.

Meet the team behind the City’s cultural planning, design and public art:

Rachel Healy, Executive Manager Culture (Cultural Policy)
Bridget Smyth, Design Director (City Design/Public Art/Eora Journey)
Claire Morgan, Program Manager, Special Projects (Public Art)
Eva Rodriguez, Public Art Program Manager


The City supports organisations and individuals who are running their own initiatives, programs and events by offering financial support through cultural grants, sponsorships and affordable work spaces.

Meet the team behind this work:

Alex Bowen, Manager Culture & Creativity Programs (Manager of Division)

Creative City
Kate Murray, Manager, Creative City (Manager of Business Unit)
Marni Jackson, Cultural Projects Manager
Jen Trinca, Cultural Projects Coordinator – Funding
Lisa Murray, City Historian
Margaret Betteridge, City Curator

Business Development & Sponsorship
Emma Rigney, Manager Business Development and Sponsorship (Manager of Business Unit – incoming sponsorship)
Melissa Taylor, Sales & Marketing Account Manager (City Banners)

Major Events
The City of Sydney is one of the largest event producers in Australia. We proudly produce four major annual events, including Art & About Sydney, Sydney Christmas, Sydney New Year’s Eve and Sydney Chinese New Year.

Meet the team that make them happen each year:

Sydney New Year’s Eve
Aneurin Coffey, Producer (Manager of Business Unit – Sydney New Year’s Eve)
Catherine Flanagan, Program Manager (Sydney New Year’s Eve)

Paul Davison, Business Manager (Manager of Business Unit – Events)
Gill Minervini, Creative Director (Events)
Stephen Gilby, Senior Program Manager
Simon Walkom, Program Manager (Art & About Sydney)
Michelle Bell, Program Manager (Sydney Christmas)
Carolyn Birley, Program Manager (Sydney Chinese New Year)

Libraries & Learning
Aside from direct support, we also have a team dedicated to our libraries and creative centres:
Simon Covill, Manager Library and Learning (Manager of Business Unit)
Jane Hooper, Senior Operations Coordinator, Pine Street Creative Centre