We’re thrilled to announce the six talented artists taking up our very first residential tenancies. In late November last year we did a call out for people working in a creative field who were interested in taking up a 12 month affordable apartment/studio lease on William Street.

We received 49 high quality applications, so the decision was far from easy! A panel of experts assessed the applications and the six artists taking up residency are:

  • Sophie Kitson – emerging curator with a passion for contemporary art theory, biennales, experimental film and music, spatial relations, land art and rocks. Sophie has been involved in various architecture, design, public programs and arts projects in Melbourne, Sydney and Italy.
  • Peter Nelson & Monika Brooks – multi-disciplinary artists who together produce innovative projects using improvised music, experimental sound composition, painting, animation, 3D printing and prose.
  • Ramesh Mario Nithyendran – 2D and 3D visual artist whose work includes painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture and installation.
  • Linda Dement – who works in photography, writing, film and digital arts. Linda’s work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals locally and internationally.
  • Amber Boardman – artist who creates music-related animations and installations. Amber has worked with a number of composers and live performers on a series of ‘Visual Concerts’ as well as immersive public art installations.
  • Larin Sullivan – American filmmaker and video artist who began her career working on the Sundance Film Festival. Larin is a producer of short-form documentary and is currently working on an Australian biographical political drama.

The tenants were selected based their creative practice and artistic merit and willingness to collaborate with each other and creative benefits for the community.

We also considered what the artists were looking to accomplish for the duration of their residency.

These live-work residencies are the latest addition to the William Street Creative Hub. Following on from the success of the City’s creative spaces program on Oxford Street, two properties at 101-111 and 113-115 William Street are in the process of being transformed into a mix of commercial and affordable spaces for cultural and creative enterprises.

In June last year, seven creatives working in architecture, fashion, design and digital music established their offices on Level 3 at 101–111 William Street, joining flagship commercial tenants Hub Sydney and Cloth Fabric.

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