The inconspicuously named The Other Art Fair is back. This year, it has set up in a great new space at COMMUNE Waterloo and features more than 100 emerging artists handpicked by a committee of art industry experts.

To get your art collection started, here are 5 artists you won’t want to miss:

  1. Niloufar Tofigh’s wistful paintings often take images of women as their theme

2. Robin Clare is a contemporary Jamaican artist with a passion for promoting her national culture – her work often features street slang, party names and dance techniques

Artwork: ‘Sabotage’

3. Elefteria Vlavianos derives imagery from her Greek/Armenian heritage, taking pleasure in small cultural objects that are often displaced

Artwork: 'Art October'
Artwork: ‘Art October’

4. Leonie Barton works both in 2D and 3D. She makes artworks with materials she finds around her and documents them daily

Artwork: 'Banana Blossom'
Artwork: ‘Banana Blossom’

5. Chris Humphries draws in books, focusing on landscapes and nostalgia for place.

Artwork: 'Bruny Island Adventure Bay'
Artwork: ‘Bruny Island Adventure Bay’

And if you’re a fan of Alain de Botton, don’t miss The Point of Art guided tour programmed in partnership with The School of Life, which will help you to get a deeper understanding of art and possibly yourself!

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