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Photo by Matthew Venables
.Creative Spaces

107 Projects opens up

107 Projects might be where you buy your morning coffee, or maybe you’ve been to exhibitions there before. Or, perhaps that’s where you saw that Canadian one-man-band that sings in …

Tracey Emin's birds
.City Art

Slow down in the city with new artwork from Tracey Emin

Artist Tracey Emin’s first acquaintance with Sydney, almost two decades ago, was emotional. Having begun her visit with a relationship break-up, she recalls her walks around Woolloomooloo were filled with …

.Grants and Sponsorships

Milk Crate brings social focus to the house

Back in 2000, Darlinghurst Theatre Company was based out of the Wesley Chapel. At that time, the company was in daily contact with people experiencing homelessness. Glenn Terry, Darlinghurst Theatre …

.Public Art

Art Month top picks

The biggest annual event for art lovers is upon us again. There’s no better time than Art Month to discover an emerging artist, become a burgeoning collector and have a …

Image credit: Ross Harley
.City Art

Live and grow: New Green Square public artwork

As part of the City Art Program, artists are working collaboratively to shape our city, including transforming Green Square’s public spaces. Maria Fernanda Cardoso will work closely with expert stonemasons, …

Artist Madeleine Preston working in her studio in King Street. Photo by Joy Lai.
.Grants and Sponsorships

Less grunt more grant

There has never been a better time to apply for a grant with the City. We’ve overhauled the way our programs are structured, cut down the paperwork and moved the …


The Old Fitz is in new hands

The Old Fitzroy Hotel’s intimate cellar theatre has inconspicuously backed emerging Sydney talent since 1997. Determinedly independent, it is a treasure of the Sydney art scene and has seen the …

Maser & Province
.Events & Festivals

Province reaches higher ground

Getting a behemoth like Maser’s ‘Higher Ground’ ‘off the ground’ is no mean feat. In their second year with Sydney Festival, Laura Pike and Anne-Louise Dadak of Province were part …

Image by Toby Burrows
.Events & Festivals

Dancers show us there’s nothing to lose

What does a dancer look like? A new, undaunted production puts bigger bodies on stage and reclaims their creative capacity in defiance of aesthetic norms. In her final work as …

.Grants and Sponsorships

Sydney Theatre Company helps kids learn by acting out

Sydney Theatre Company, in partnership with the University of Sydney Faculty of Education and Social Work, has developed a unique program that helps primary school teachers to use drama to …

.Art & About

Numskull’s biggest wall yet

Veteran street artist Numskull has just painted his biggest wall to date. His mural Here, Now created as part of Art & About Sydney, reminds the hurried crowds of Pitt …